Our Process

Create Your Custom Floor Plan

In order to bring your custom home to life, our team will meet with you to discuss your design preferences, your home needs and your budget to create your ideal floor plan from scratch. The initial design process typically takes around 1-2 months although we are on your timeline throughout the process.

  • Introductory meeting: You’ll meet with our team at our model home in Century Oaks to discuss your initial design ideas.
  • Box set floor plan creation: Our in-house Architectural Designer will create a personalized floor plan keeping your notes, ideas and budget in mind.
  • Box set changes: We will work with you to make any changes to the design until you are completely satisfied with the end result.
  • Budget rough number: Once the floor plan is to your satisfaction, we will calculate the custom budget number, and if the amount is more than you wanted to pay, we’ll have a list of suggested changes to make until we land on your ideal floor plan within your budget.
  • Finalize construction plans: Once the floor plan and rough budget number are approved, elevations, construction plans and contract price will be finalized.
  • Final plan review: We will set up a final meeting to review each portion of the construction plans including the site map, floor plan, electrical floor plan and more.

      Finalize Your Financing

      Once your custom floor plan has been finalized, we’ll confirm the contract price and send the documentation to the bank to get started on the construction loan. Typically, a construction loan with our preferred lender takes about 30-45 days to close. We’ll be keeping in contact with the bank throughout the loan process and checking on the status to ensure our team will be ready to begin work once the process is finished.

          Add in Your Design Expertise

          Once your construction loan is approved, it’s time to begin talking about design decisions. Your design coordinator will take you through showrooms around the San Antonio area and our model home to help you personalize your home interior and exterior and select your preferred finishes. To ensure that nothing gets missed, our Buildertrend tool will keep your design selections locked in, and we will always get your signed approval regarding the selection and cost before anything is ordered for your home.

          • Interior selections to be made
          • Exterior selections to be made

            Watch Your Home Come to Life

            As you make your design selections, the construction process will also be underway. A typical construction timeline for our custom homes takes about 6-8 months. Throughout that time, we’ll set up meetings for you to approve that particular step before we begin the next building phase.

            • Location of home approval: Before construction begins, our team will take you through the lot to approve the exact location of your home.
            • Framing walkthrough: You’ll approve the framing, walls, room locations, HVAC location, plumbing locations, door locations with the superintendent.
            • Mechanical and blue box walkthrough: The superintendent will walk you through the home—showing you the layout for the electrical boxes, plugs and switches at this time before the wiring is completed.
            • Cabinet customization: Our custom cabinet maker will draw a design template specific to your home for your review and approval. You will then have a walkthrough with your superintendent to approve cabinets.
            • Shelving customization: Our trim carpenter will take you through the home to customize and approve the shelving and storage spaces.
            • Blue tape walk: We’ll meet once more before the home is complete to review any changes that have previously been made and see if anything more needs to be touched-up prior to closing.
            • Final walkthrough: Our superintendent will walk you through the home one final time to ensure everything is completed and ready for your move-in day before giving you the keys to your new home.
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